Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Adventure Time" Storyboard Test

After finding out that I did not receive the storyboard revisionist position on "Regular Show" I sent out all my "thank you" emails, thanking everyone for that incredible opportunity. One of the people I thanked, Brooke Keesling, informed me that "Adventure Time" was looking for a storyboard artist, and asked if I wanted to take a test.

I said yes.

For this test I was given a short paragraph and told to construct a scene based on it. Even more than the "Regular Show" test I was allowed to improvise and create something unique and new. This was no simple task, and I tried my best to pull stuff from my own subconscious and plug it into the sequence. The result is something that I'm still very proud of.

Here's a link to the Scribd version if you'd like.

Much like with the "Regular Show" test, I didn't get the job, but I still made it one step closer to working on "Adventure Time" than most people. That does an ego good.

Special thanks to Brooke Keesling and Patrick Seery for all their help. And to Pen Ward for creating such a brilliant show that I had a chance to play with for a bit.

"Adventure Time" is copyright Cartoon Network and Frederator.


  1. Such a great storyboard! I'm studying storyboards for an university project and I found yours. I hope you can work in some of these shows some day. Finn facil expressions are very funny

  2. Thank you for the very kind words! These things are done in such isolation so it's always a treat to know other people are reading and responding to them.

    This website has a bunch of "Adventure Time" storyboards that might help for your university project: http://www.scribd.com/fredseibert

    Thanks again and best of luck,