Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"China, IL" Storyboard Test

Since season two of the hit Adult Swim show, "China, IL" has started airing, I figure it's time to reveal my Storyboard and Character Design tests I took for the show over a year ago.

Storyboard Test

There were three parts to the Storyboard Test. The first was the Thumbnail. I was given a short piece of a script and told to thumbnail as much as I could. Here it is:

Next came the Rough Storyboard Panels, where I was asked to create around 20 or so rough storyboard panels.

And finally we have the Cleaned-Up Storyboard Panels, which should be self-explanatory.

China, IL Storyboard Test - Cleaned-Up Panels by ryanrosendal

I won't lie, it was a difficult test. The characters were harder to draw than they initially seemed and there wasn't much action so I really had to focus on believable acting. I didn't get the job obviously, but it was a very worthwhile experience. I learned quite a bit from doing it and if Titmouse is reading this, I just want them to know I'd love to test again!

Special thanks to Corey Barnes for posting about the position on Twitter and Joshua Rogers and Dave Newberg for offering me the test. And Brad Neely for creating the show.

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