Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And So It Begins

I suppose it's about time I entered the bloggosphere. Let's start with some stuff I submitted to the Jacob Lawrence Gallery's "2D or 3D" show.

Sharp eyed viewers will note that this used to be my Facebook avatar a year or two ago. When I was looking for things to submit, I found this image, and when you take it out of context, it looks super-pretentious. Which I thought the judges might go for.

This was originally going to be an ad for my comic strip, "No Exit Nearby" (seen every week in "The Daily!"), which I modified to make it more of an art piece. Yes, that is "Xavier: Renegade Angel" in one the photos on the wall.

Neither piece was accepted into the show, though I like to imagine the judges got into a heated argument over the merits of my pieces. And isn't that what art's all about anyway?

Plus, now I can advertise my strip as "Too good for the Jacob Lawrence Gallery."

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