Thursday, December 17, 2009

No Exit Nearby

Here are some "No Exit Nearby" strips I did this quarter.

I remember this being a fun strip to write. I'm not an expert on video games that don't involve Mario, so I was forced to actually to do some research on war games. There are a lot!

The ending to this strip was originally much longer. Jim, playing the Iraq War game, was supposed to say, "Damnit, I have to give a speech at the UN again. Jillian, can you pass me the Wii-Keyboard?" I thought it was pretty funny, but it took up too much space in the final panel. They're squished enough as it is!

I like the punchline in this strip; it's a nice little joke, and it ends the strip in a different place than where you thought it would.

For you copyright buffs out there: these strips belong to the University of Washington's student newspaper, "The Daily" (Their motto: Read it now before it goes away forever).

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